5 Essential Things For A Powerful Social Media Presence

In the contemporary era, social media proves to be the greatest promotional or marketing tool. It is used worldwide for different activities but we are going to highlight five essential things required for a powerful social media presence in order to promote any website or in simple words for getting the best organic listing over different search engines. The tools available in the digital market are effectively doing its job to promote or market any particular product. But still the top five listed aspects remain on the top priority to build an essence of social media.

1. Content

The first essential aspect for a powerful social media presence is the content. Content is the king not only for a Digital Marketing Experts, but also for users who are active on social media. The content is the most important parameter as it will predefine the activity which is going to be conducted on the social networking channel. Thus, presence of a justified content is must for showcasing a powerful social media presence.

2. Social Networking Profiles to Generate Traffic

Generating traffic on the social media page is the second important aspect to ensure the presence of social media. Any brand page subjected for market or promotion requires traffic to be generated to that particular page. This will be justified by figures like number of page views, likes, dislikes, comments, etc. The subjected brand page can be reached to a large extent by generating traffic of the subjected brand page. Your social networking profiles will also offer great help here. Your contacts on the social networking channels will have an access to view the subjected brand page where they have an option to share, comment, like the page & also the potency to convert a general page into viral page.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. are some of the social networking channels where your profile can generate traffic depending upon your contacts to a large extent. Also there are many web products, android apps, windows applications, which are programmed to generate traffic by following the steps featured in the above mentioned application. Generating traffic is a very powerful tool to showcase the presence of social media.

  1. Campaigns

Campaigning is the marketing process use to market your product on an international level. There are several types of campaigns ranging from E-mail Campaigning to Facebook campaigning as well twitter campaigning. Newsletters, page subscription letter & letter related to various schemes are created in an attractive manner and mailed to corporate professionals, business managers, high profile persons and even to our priority friends etc. This causes immediate view of your products, offers to the mailed person or corporate/governing body.

  1. Daily Updates

Posting regularly on the social media pages distract the user from losing enthusiasm in your products and services subjected for marketing. Also, it ensures user engagement on a daily basis which is a must. The more the number of people engaged on your social media page the more your products and services are marketed. This in turn increases the probability of revenue generation through that particular product or service. Therefore, updating or posting the content or creature hubs on the social media page regularly will put forward strong command over the powerful presence on different social media.


Analysis can be done by keeping the record of monthly or weekly monetisation of growth. For example, Google Analytics is a tool which gives the exact figures of the number of visitors to your product page as well as it estimates the future growth & previous downfall or increment.


Maintaining a curious content to read, executing daily updates on your social media channels, executing efficiently the process of campaigning & generating traffic is the basic parameters necessary for building the reputation of your brand. This helps in showcasing the presence of your business on social media.