What Can You Get from Human Growth Hormone?

Can’t seem to grow a few inches taller or build enough muscles to reach your fitness goals? While it won’t magically add numbers to your height or add bulk to your frame in the blink of an eye, there’s one hormone that could help you out if used properly. Often known as the human growth hormone (abbreviated to either HGH or GH), this chemical substance is what stimulates your growth as a child and maintains the development of the various tissues in your body all the way up to adulthood. In this article, we’ll take a look at what HGH can do for you in terms of achieving your health goals.

The Symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

In a majority of the population, HGH production naturally declines as people get older. Unfortunately, some people have abnormally low levels of HGH in their system, which could be a result of tumors growing in the pituitary gland. Because HGH is responsible for fueling a human being’s growth, not having enough of it could lead to certain developmental problems. Infants, for instance, could suffer from hypoglycemia, while children may not gain enough weight so that they could be considered healthy at their age. For adults, lack of HGH may cause them to lose some lean body mass, feel weaker than usual, and have less bone density. They may even suffer from psychological conditions such as depression and memory loss.

The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

For healthy adults, however, there could be a lot of benefits to gain from a little more HGH in the bloodstream. More often than not, HGH would be administered via bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. In the right amounts, it could give you a number of benefits. After all, HGH:

  • promotes better synthesis of protein.
  • simulates growth for most of the organs in the body.
  • may help children and adolescents grow taller.
  • strengthens the body’s immune system.
  • assists in more efficient breakdown of fat.
  • builds stronger bones and adds muscle mass. 

Other ways to promote HGH production in the body is to exercise regularly, especially by using heavier weights. You can also try eating food rich in l-arginine, such as soy beans. Meat high in amino acids help to better synthesize L-orthinine, a chemical substance that greatly increases HGH in the bloodstream.

Give Yourself the Opportunity to Grow with This Hormone’s Help

Though it’s no secret potion to wellbeing, having a better idea of how HGH functions can allow you to better devise a game plan to achieve your personal health goals. But don’t rely on this hormone alone to do all of the hard work for you. Instead, grow along with it, in a sense: keep yourself on a strict exercise regime and eat only the food that is good for you. By working together with HGH’s benefits, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of a better state of health regardless of how old you are or how long it takes for you to get there.