Office Design 101: The Process and How It Works



Contrary to popular belief, office design does not have to be a complicated process. Proper consultation with a reputable design agency will make the process simple and hassle-free. One aspect of the design process is knowing what to expect ahead of time. Having a basic overview of the process will help the project go smoothly and efficiently, and it will help you immediately address any questions you may have along the way.

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Phase I: Establish a Relationship

The first phase of the design process is establishing a relationship. Since designing an office is an entirely collaborative process, the agency wants to get to know you and your company. By getting to know you, they can gain a better understanding of your needs and style. The first phase is also the trust-building phase, an opportunity for you to ask questions and the agency to survey your needs.

As you can imagine, building rapport is a primary goal of the agency. The agency wants to ensure that you can trust them and that you will feel confident in their work. As such, they will demonstrate their trustworthiness. During the rapport building process, you and your company should also feel free to enquire about specific questions or concerns you have right from the beginning. The earlier concerns are brought up, the better.

After rapport is established, the more tips here design agency will then get a sense of your likes and your office style. Since office style impacts productivity and the overall tone of the office space, the design agency will thoroughly enquire about what likes and dislikes are present. They will also get a sense of your vision for the space.

During the first phase, the design agency will also thoroughly assess the functional requirements of the space. Identifying the specific needs is essential in ensuring that the project is successful. The experts will survey the space through observation and questionnaires to determine what requirements need to be met.

Overall, the first phase is about developing a trustworthy relationship. Collaboration, trust, and communication are key elements in completing a successful project.

Phase II: Creating the Design

The second phase is the creative process. The design agency will create a design based on the input and feedback from the first phase. This is the phase where their knowledge and expertise meets your vision and style. During this phase, the agency will provide timelines, expenses, and expectations.

As the second phase begins, the design agency takes all of the information they gathered to get a solid scope of the project. Once they have the data they need, they can begin the design. This is where they take their expertise and blend it with your company’s requirements. With their knowledge, they can create a design that is not only functional, but also exceptional in terms of style.

As the design develops, the agency will get a clearer sense of how long the project will take and how much it will cost. During this part of the design process, they will work within your budget and collaborate with you to ensure your timeline is met. Additionally, they will give you guidance on how to inform your office on the plans to help them get started with the fit out or refurbishment process. The more planning during this phase, the smoother the actual building process will go.

Phase III: Bringing the Vision to Life

Phase III involves bringing your vision to life. During this phase, the design agency begins the renovation process. They carry out the refurbishment or fit out process within the timeline and expectations agreed upon. Additionally, they install furniture and add the finishing touches to the project.

The refurbishment and fit out process is typically the most dreaded by business owners. Owners anticipate the worst when they think about what the actual project entails. Fortunately, that’s what design agencies are for. Not only can they ease these concerns, but they will also carry out such projects with the least amount of disruption possible. Design agencies are aware of how valuable your time is and the importance of being able to complete the project seamlessly. They are experts at completing major projects without problems.

With proper planning, communication, and collaboration, the building phase of the project is easy. Reputable agencies will work with your company to provide you with the reassurance you need to know that on the other side of the building process is the office of your dreams.

During this phase, companies realise the importance of collaborating with a design agency. Finding an agency that completes superior office design in Hampshire is easy and affordable. You will be pleased that you decided to choose an agency to help you with the fit out or refurbishment process instead of trying to do it alone. Experts make the process quick and painless.

Phase IV: Enjoy Your New Space

Once the office is complete, it’s time to enjoy your new space. Fortunately, the design agency recognises that they still have a role even after the space is complete. The design agency will continue to follow up with your company about the functionality and efficiency of the redesigned space.

During this phase, the design agency will assess for any portions of the project that need to be adjusted to better meet your needs. Moreover, they will ensure your satisfaction with the project and make any changes necessary. They will continue to collaborate with you until you feel that the project is truly complete and the office you want is fully realised.

In summary, redesigning your office can be summarised in four major phases. The first phase involves building a relationship and establishing trust. Then, the second phase involves the creation of the design, where the agency pulls what they have learned about your company to develop a vision for the space. Next, the third phase entails the actual building, installing, and finishing process. Finally, you get to enjoy your space whilst the agency checks back in with you to determine if any adjustments need to be made. With a reputable design agency, your desired office space is easy to bring to life.