Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Workers Compensation Lawyer

You need to prepare before filing a workers compensation claim. When you file a claim, it means you will receive benefits such as wage replacement and medical coverage after you get injured on the job or develop an illness related to your occupation.

But often times, it isn’t as simple as that. Your company and their insurance company may delay your medical coverage, or simply deny you of your claim. There are also times when you would feel the benefits being given to you are not sufficient or appropriate.

That is when you should consider getting a workers compensation lawyer. The lawyer can help you build your case, understand the process of filing a claim, and make sure you get the rightful benefit.

Of course, not all lawyers are created equal; you will need to assess the workers compensation lawyer you are planning to hire to be certain he is the right one for your case.


First, you need to ask the lawyer about his experience and background. Naturally, you need to be sure that the lawyer you are hiring is knowledgeable in his aspect of law and employment. How many years has he been a practicing lawyer? And how many years has he been dealing with workers compensation claims? Does he usually settle his claims or does he negotiate?

You also need to ask specifics on his process and practice. Will he be the one who will personally attend to the needs of your claim — or does he have a staff who will do it for him? How will he inform you about the updates of the case? How regularly will he update you and is there a person aside from him who you can call if you have questions about the update of the claim? Will you be able to meet the staff who will represent you during hearings or settlement talks?


Next, you have to ask the worker compensation lawyer about his strategy and case management. It can be wise to ask the lawyer his usual steps or processes when handling a workers compensation claim. Some lawyers tend to settle immediately, other opt to take cases to hearings.

During your first meeting and right after he sees the details of your case, ask him for feedback — specifically, the strengths and weaknesses of your claim. Does he see the insurance company settling immediately or will there be a need for mediation? A good lawyer won’t definitely promise about your cases. However, he can give an assessment. Immediate and definite promises should be seen as red flags.

Lastly, ask about fees. A workers compensation lawyer usually works via contingency fee basis. This mean, the lawyer will get a percentage of your claim after the case. But there may be other fees attached to the service, so it’s best to know about these beforehand as well. The range of the contingency fee is usually around 10 to 25 percent, but make sure it is well within the legal limit set by your state.

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