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      As the popularity of old friends' mutual entertainment in the same industry has risen sharply recently, many partner agents of foreign platforms have joined in the mutual entertainment of old friends. Of course, there must be a problem for many novices who are interested in the mutual entertainment of old friends. How can the old friends' mutual Entertainment agents get to the partner players? Are all the troubles of the big families
      So how can we better develop our team in the old friends mutual entertainment alliance and recruit more partners, agents and players? Today we'll learn how to share water with friends.
      If you want to succeed, you should first make changes from myself.
      1. We must have the trust of the supervisor when dealing with the partner agency of our team. As the old saying goes, we should not doubt people but employ people. If we have a major mind, then your employees will certainly be more focused on themselves.
      2. We need talent promotion: we can find several powerful partners or agents in our old friends entertainment league team to promote. This can make our team grow rapidly. Even if we don't do it, they can recruit partner agents and players for you in the old friends entertainment alliance.
      3. After meeting the above conditions, we also need to have appropriate marketing promotion methods: for example, we can promote in Baidu. When users search for keywords related to mutual entertainment of old friends, they can not only solve their problems, but also bring accurate customer flow.
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